Join us at our annual meeting and program on Thursday, February 18, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. at the Rock Hills Jr./Sr. High School Little Theater, Mankato, Kansas.  The program, "The Horse Whims, Teamboats, Treadwheels, Horse Trains and Treadmills:  The Horse in Agriculture, Industry and Transportation," will be presented by Dr. Howard Erickson at 7:30 p.m.  Coffee and refreshments will be served after the program followed by the annual meeting of the society.  See you there!  Bring your "horsey" friends with you!

The Jewell County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Jewell County by bringing together people interested in its history. Understanding the history of our community is basic to our democratic way of life and gives us a better understanding of our county, state, and nation. The Society promotes better appreciation of our American Heritage.

People of Jewell County started to show interest in preserving the heritage of our county in 1959.  The Jewell County Historical Society was organized in 1961.  A. W. Schlagle donated his building in downtown Mankato, Kansas, for the Museum in memory of his wife, Anna Colson Schlagle, in 1961. Several years later, Dubuque Packing Co. gave $500 to the Society to kick off a fund drive for the Museum.  The south side of the Museum was bequethed by Congressman Wint Smith and was opened in May of 1977.

The Society owns and operates the Museum. It also owns the historic Post Rock Jail and the building and grounds north of Mankato City park where the Threshing Bee is held. The Farm History Museum building is located at that site.  The Jewell County Historical Society also owns the microfilm of Jewell County newspapers located at the Mankato City Library.

To support these properties, the Society host an annual Threshing Bee the third full weekend of July and a Farmers Market craft show the third Saturday in October.

Membership dues are payable at the first of each year.  Your dues help support the work of the society.  Members also receive the quarterly newsletter.  Membership options available are:


FAMILY - $20.00

LIFETIME - $100.00

You are welcome to join the Society at any time!  Please send your dues with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address to:

Jewell County Historical Society, 118 N. Commercial, Mankato, KS 66956

******************THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!********************

Do you know where this is?

Genealogy Research

     Visitors and researchers are welcome to review the records and materials maintained in the museum.  Appointments outside of regular hours can be made with the curator.  CONTACT INFO - jchs1870@hotmail.com OR 785-534-0940 (please leave a message).

     Mindy Ost is available to do searches for a fee.  Contact her for information about her services and fee schedule.  CONTACT INFO - minken@rhelectric.net OR 785-545-8748.

                            ******THE GENEALOGIST'S PSALM******

Genealogy is my past time, I shall not stray; it maketh me to lie down and examine half-buried tombstones.  It leadeth me into still Courthouses; it restoreth my ancestral knowledge.  It leadeth me in paths of census records and ships's passenger lists For my surname's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the shadows of research libraries and microfilm readers, I shall fear no discouragement; for a strong urge is within me; the curiosity and motivation they comfort me.

It demandeth preparation of storage space for the acquisition of countless documents; It anointest my head with burning midnight oil, my family group sheets runneth over.  Surely birth, marriage, and death dates shall follow me all the days of my life; And I shall dwell in the house of a family-history seeker for ever.

        A crossroads of the past in Brownscreek Township--Mayview.

Vicksburg Baptist Church in Allen Township.  Photo by Scott Branine--12-20-2014