The Jewell County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Jewell County by bringing together people interested in its history. Understanding the history of our community is basic to our democratic way of life and gives us a better understanding of our county, state, and nation. The Society promotes better appreciation of our American Heritage.

The Society owns and operates the Museum. It also owns the historic Post Rock Jail and the building and grounds north of Mankato City park where the Threshing Bee is held. The Farm History Museum buildings are located at that site.  The Jewell County Historical Society also owns the microfilm of Jewell County newspapers located at the Mankato City Library.

People of Jewell County started to show interest in preserving the heritage of our county in 1959.  The Jewell County Historical Society was organized in 1961.  A. W. Schlagle donated his building in downtown Mankato, Kansas, for the Museum in memory of his wife, Anna Colson Schlagle, in 1961. The south building of the Museum was bequethed by Congressman Wint Smith and was opened in May of 1977.

Membership dues are payable at the first of each year.  Your dues help support the work of the society.  CONTACT THE MUSEUM CURATOR AT jwchsmuseum@gmail.com FOR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS.

Membership inquiries can also be directed to:

Jewell County Historical Society, 118 N. Commercial, Mankato, KS 66956

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